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            You will find the Lake View Villa of Vietnam Golf Country Club which located in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. Choose a home for you and your loved ones. There are four reasons let you choose Lake View resorts, where beside Viet Nam Golf Course.

    1.Landscape surrounding Resort area: The area covers 10 hectares. In a wide and quiet outdoor environment, you can take a walk, ride a bicycle, fly a kite or have a football game. Lake View Resort offers you a resting space away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City Center. There is no doubt that you will like its fresh and clean air and its pleasant Lake scenery.

    2.Resort Design: As many as 113 resorts offer you a variety of options, ranging from individuals to accommodating large families. Elegant living room with elevated ceiling, spacious bedroom, private garage and private garden shows modern style. The floor area of the building type is 164 to 600 square meters. There are three rooms, four rooms and five rooms to choose from. Full-equipped kitchen and household appliances provide you with comfortable and convenient accommodation environment. If you like to have your own furniture and decoration of your home, Lake View Resort also provides a room without furniture. Lakeview Resort area provides you an ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon time.

    3.Resort facilities and transportation: A swimming pool, three tennis courts, gymnasium, children's playground, shuttle buses between schools and city centres, a small supermarket. It's only ten minutes'drive from Walmart which is a big supermarket. Traffic will not be an obstacle, because we also provide free shuttle buses to downtown cneter every day.

    4.Neighboring Courses: For those who love golf, two 18-hole golf courses are only a few steps away. Professionally managed Vietnam Golf Country Club is located in nearly 300 hectares of land adjacent to Lake View Resorts.