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    Products > Vietnam Golf & Country Club > Restaurant & Outdoor facilities


            The major restaurant can accommodate more than 200 people at the same time, providing a variety of international 5-star delicacies and a variety of drinks, liquor and cocktails.
            You can also enjoy refreshing drinks and delicate afternoon tea in the dining room, overlooking the West Zone to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.
            Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian and Western cuisine for your choice.
            We also have a four-person box, which provides private gatherings, meetings, seminars or special events for 20 to 50 people. In addition, we can also cooperate with the company's dinner planning, award ceremony, anniversary and other outdoor cuisine to meet customer needs.

     Outdoor Facilities

            In addition to swimming pools, you can also arrange tennis or squash, or order from our international food restaurant to enjoy the refreshing breeze lakeside. The club facilities are open from sunrise to 10 p.m.

     Private Club

            There are two private clubhouses in the country club, which can accommodate 30 and 50 people respectively. The clubhouses belong to the private multi-functional banquet hall and are located on the first floor of the club with convenient transportation. As long as you book in advance from the front desk, it is suitable for small golf tournaments, birthday parties, seminars or company gatherings. Private clubhouses have a great view of the golf course and offer a variety of buffets and single menus, Wi-Fi services and projector equipment.
  • The golf course provides a place for 20 people to practice, with golf equipment, accessories sales center and repair shop attached.
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