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    We regard employees as business partners and the objects of coexistence and common prosperity. Through the platform of employee welfare committee and professional trade union, employee representatives will convey organizational problems and employees' opinions, and relevant units will make timely use of various feasible channels to respond, and get effective solutions immediately.

    The company firmly believes that every employee can feel the value of life and the significance of work through the contribution of career development, and create a happy enterprise with the help of human resources. This year, the company also won the grand prize of happy enterprise held by 1111 human bank.

    We attach great importance to the stability of our employees. Therefore, no matter the domestic Tainan plant area or overseas subsidiaries, "localization" is an important consideration of our company's human resource structure. We firmly believe that "living in peace" is the first way to "working in happiness". Taking Tainan plant area as an example, more than 60% of our employees live in the new camp, while nearly 80% of our employees live in Tainan.

    The age group of employees is mainly composed of 30-50-year-old youth. For the elderly employees, The company promotes the middle-aged and the elderly friendly workplace, participates in the job redesign promoted by the Ministry of labor, assists the middle-aged and the elderly to remove work barriers, so as to provide work efficiency and promote employment.

    At the same time, by the way of mixed age working team, the guidance, experience sharing and knowledge exchange platform of new employees from senior employees are used to promote intergenerational cooperation in the workplace.