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  • CSR > Environmental Policy

    Sustainable environment

    In recent years, climate change has become an important issue that cannot be ignored by enterprises. According to the report of the World Economic Forum (WEF), "the global risks report 2019", the top three risks in the world are all related to climate (extreme climate, climate change mitigation and adaptation failure, natural disaster); while the report of CDP "climate change report 2019" points out that enterprises replying to the CDP questionnaire think that they should deal with climate Changes will bring more business opportunities than losses. Therefore, the company focuses on climate issues, keeps up with international trends, and builds sustainable competitive advantage based on corporate responsibility.

    The company not only reduces the excessive consumption of resources and saves natural resources through process improvement and energy integration, but also actively invests in efficient pollution control equipment to reduce the generation and emission of various pollutants. At the same time, it also makes good use of environmental production energy, applies for solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, and constantly improves the utilization rate of natural resources. At the same time, the company's business philosophy: "honest, open mind, modest, prudent and everlasting" is implemented in the environmental management. Through various improvement measures and system operation, the company hopes to make full use of resources in the production process of the whole product, reduce waste water discharge, improve effectiveness, and improve its social and economic benefits in addition to its own One step is to co-exist with the ecological environment and make progress towards the vision of a sustainable enterprise.

    Environmental management policies and systems

    The general public's perception of manufacturing industry is that it is a high energy consumption and high pollution industry. However, we believe that the proper management system can effectively improve the environment. We are fully aware of the importance of limited resources and sustainable development. Therefore, the environmental policy of the company is "following the laws and regulations, continuous improvement, green energy, high efficiency and energy saving". According to the environmental policy, it is oriented to the following aspects: (1) implement the ISO 14001 environmental management system; (2) publicize policies to improve the environmental awareness and ability of all staff; (3) continuously improve the process and production efficiency; (4) actively reduce waste and implement pollution prevention. Therefore, the company also obtained ISO 14001 environmental management system validation in April 2018.