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  • CSR > Occupational Safety and Health Policy

            Our Company adheres to the principles of "respecting life, caring for health" and "life is the most important, work safety is the highest priority", implements the monitoring plan of working environment, creates a safe working environment, and prevents accidents in advance, so as to achieve the highest level of zero disaster. And continue to improve the performance of occupational safety and health to maintain the sustainable operation of enterprises; all employees unanimously committed to "abide by the safety regulations and ensure the health of staff", "pay attention to risk management, prevent hazards", "devote to education and training, ensure operational safety", "Commit to continuous improvement, promote safety and health" occupational safety and health policy.

            In 2010, OHSAS 18001 (International Occupational Safety and Health Management System) and TOSHMS (Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System) were promoted and introduced into the Occupational Safety and Health Management Manual, various types of management procedures and standard operating procedures. In 2011, “Operation Directions for the Performance Recognition of the Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems of Business Entities.” was approved by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor, and the period of performance recognition was 10 years. And the Company also has received on-site visits and counseling from the Occupation Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor in 2017. In addition, in order to improve the management mechanism of occupational safety and health in our factory, we should strengthen the following operation control:

    1、Risk assessment mechanism:

    In order to identify the possibility of occurrence of hazards caused by various operations and the severity of the hazards affecting personnel, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Procedure of our Company distinguishes the risk level (including acceptable risk, low risk, moderate risk, high risk and unacceptable risk), coordinates with the annual occupational safety and health policy objectives, and uses engineering improvement, administrative management and other means to identify the high risk. Futhermore, unacceptable risk reduces to below moderate risk and moderate risk reduction to low risk and acceptable risk to eliminate hazard factors in the workplace and ensure the safety and health of workers.

    2、Safety maintenance measures for employees:
    a.Safety measures in the working environment:
    To comply with the relevant regulations of the Labor Safety and Health Law before entering hazardous workplace is required to employees. In addition, when employees work in confined space, they must also comply with the "Labor Safety and Sanitation Facilities Rules" to protect their safety. The company regularly and irregularly conducts safety and health education, training and publicity. Supervisors at all levels actively require employees to abide by the " Safety and health work rules" formulated by the company.

    b.Employee safety measures:

    Supervisors at all levels urge employees to wear appropriate safety protective devices to protect their own safety when working in the corresponding working environment. In addition, protective covers or inductive protective measures are also installed in the dangerous parts of the transmission and rotation of the machinery or equipment set up by our company to protect the safety of the workers.

    3、Contractor safety control:

    In order to implement the contracting management mechanism of the Occupational Safety and Health Law, the "Safety and Health Procedure for Contractors" is specially formulated, requiring contractors, re-contractors, etc. to implement the safety and health norms for joint operations, such as safety workshops and education training, education and training testing mechanism, hazard factors notification, control of permission for hazardous operations, and Contractors'periodic evaluation and replacement mechanism.

    4、Safety and health performance:

    The safety and health performance of the factory is quantified by using active and passive performance evaluation, so that all colleagues can clearly define the objectives of the plant and the status of implementation, and implement the participation of all staff.

    5、Emergency response procedures:

    Hazardous Workplaces (Class A Workplaces) of our factory shall submit "Process Safety Assessment Report" according to the method of Hazardous Workplaces Examination and Inspection, and shall start operation after examination and approval to the competent authority under its jurisdiction, and shall complete periodic assessment report every five years or process modification according to law; in addition, it shall be completed every six months in cooperation with the poison disaster response team of Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan. R. O. C.(Taiwan), regional joint prevention, transportation joint prevention and other organizations. There are two regular emergency response drills, during which the Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan. R. O. C.(Taiwan) still adopts no warning test to enhance the awareness of safety awareness of operators.

    In order to motivate employees to participate actively in safety and health and achieve the goal of zero disaster, the "zero disaster reward procedure" has been updated. Departments and personnel who do not suffer from work-related disasters at different stages are rewarded according to the reward procedures.

    Finally, our factory adheres to the spirit of abiding by laws and regulations and continuous improvement, implements PDCA to achieve safe and healthy workplace culture, and constantly pursues progress and improvement. We believe that our work in safety and health is only “better”, not “best”.