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  • About TPPC > Milestones

    1938 Xinying Plant, Pulp Industry of Yanshui Port.
    1946 Restructuring Taiwan Pulp and Paper Corporation.
    1962 The first batch of listed companies when the Taiwan Stock Exchange opened.
    1986 Chemical Industrial plant expansion gets operation for food grade.
    1992 Investing in Vietnam towards international development.
    2016 Pulp and paper production line was completely shut down, chemical industrial production line was retained and speciality chemical was actively transformed.
    2017 The new speciality chemical plant is built to manufacture high-end hydrochloric acid and KOH, supply semiconductor, panel, solar energy and biomedical technology industries, and market them underbrand.
    2018 Increase professional chemical logistics capabilities, provide various packaging forms, and enhance customer service value.
    2020 The company has terminated its listing and withdrawn its public offering as of June 1, 2020.